Fall in Line with Document Assembly: Applications to Change the Way You Practice
By Marc Lauritsen
A panoramic view of the document assembly landscape, as of early 2006. From Law Office Computing, February/March 2006. (Caution - very large file. Approx. 5 Mb.)

Contracts with Style
By Marc Lauritsen
Review of Kenneth Adams, A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting, Law Practice Today, January 2005

It's About Time: Break the Hourly Billing Habit. Let Automated Practice Systems Power Pricing Innovations.
By Marc Lauritsen
From Law Practice Management, April 2002.

Keys to a Successful Document Assembly Project
By Alan Soudakoff and Marc Lauritsen

Transforming the Law
By Marc Lauritsen
Review of Richard Susskind, Transforming the Law: Essays on Technology, Justice and the Legal Marketplace

Assembling Documents on the Infobahn
By Marc Lauritsen
As document automation moves to the web, how will lawyers handle the resulting cultural changes? 

The Web and HotDocs
By Marc Lauritsen
A look at how document automation works on the internet and why lawyers should be taking a serious look this technology.

Working Smarter to Help Lawyers Work Smart: Linking Education and Information Technology
By Stephen V. Armstrong and Marc Lauritsen

Power Tools for Document Preparation
By Marc Lauritsen and Alan Soudakoff
A survey of tools available for automating document preparation. (From 1998)